Showing By The Scriptures-A Scriptural Defense of Doctrinal Beliefs and Practices” Acts 18:28

46th Annual Ohio State Lectureship 2019

Speaker’s Schedule

Friday 24 May 2019

9:00 AM          Pat Powers                   Auglaize County Church of Christ       Wapakoneta, OH

Sermon:           Creation-Days or Years, Which One?

9:40 AM          Bob Vincent                 Tipp City Church of Christ                      Tipp City, OH

Sermon:           How to Study and Understanding the Bible

10:20 AM         Mark Philips                Groesbeck Church of Christ                    Cincinnati, OH

Sermon:           Acts Chapter Two-The Hub of the Bible

10:55 AM         Raymond Sweet Sr      F&K Church of Christ                            Columbus, OH

Sermon:           The Pattern of Church Organization   

10:55                Break Out Session: “Parenting Extra-Curriculum Children in the Nurture & Admonition of the Lord”

                        Norris Cole Sr              Webster Street Church of Christ             Dayton, OH

(Ladies only)  Diane Cole                   Webster Street Church of Christ             Dayton, OH

11:25 AM          Greg Dortch                 Wooster Avenue Church of Christ          Akron, OH

Sermon:           What God Has Done for me to be Saved and What I Must Do to be Saved

1:30 PM           Tyrone Sullivan           Miller Avenue Church of Christ              Columbus, OH

Sermon:           Evangelism: Our Greatest Responsibility

2:10 PM           John Smith                   Metropolitan Church of Christ                Cleveland, OH

Sermon:           How Can an Omni-benevolent God Send Precious Souls to Hell?

                        Break Out Sessions:

2:40 PM-4:00 PM        Singles Seminar- “Careful for the Things of the Lord” (I Corinthians 7:32) Biblical Worldview for Christian Singles

Teacher:          Jeremiah Schnell          Vermilion Church of Christ                    Vermilion, OH

2:40 PM-4:00 PM        Marriage Seminar- “Power Couples” (Acts 18:26)

Teacher:          Kelvin Pugh                 Collinsville Church of Christ                   Collinsville, IL

7:05 PM           Mark Bass                    Alkire Road Church of Christ                  Columbus, OH

Sermon:           The Usage of Mechanical Instruments in New Testament Worship is Still Sinful

7:50 PM           Richard Melson           Webster Street Church of Christ             Dayton, OH

Sermon:           Validation & Separation-Exegesis of I Thessalonians 5:21-22” Sub-Topic: Amen or Handclapping in the Assembling of the Saints

8:35 PM           Keynote Speaker- Gale Nelson     Miami Gardens Church of Christ   Miami, FL

Sermon:           “Showing by the Scriptures-Jesus is the Christ, The Church He Built is on Earth Today, & that All Men must be a member of His Church to be Saved! Acts 18:28

2019 Ohio State Lectureship

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Sponsored by the Kibby Street Church of Christ

Held at the Howard Johnson by Windham - Lima, OH

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