Showing By The Scriptures-A Scriptural Defense of Doctrinal Beliefs and Practices” Acts 18:28

46th Annual Ohio State Lectureship 2019


Saturday 25 May 2019

9:00 AM          Adriel Wilson               North Hill Church of Christ                    Akron, OH                  

Sermon:           The Suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

9:50 AM          Phil Grear                    East High St Church of Christ                   Springfield, OH

Sermon:           The Scriptural Error of Fellowshipping with Denominational Churches

10:30 AM         Terry Townsend          New Concord Rd Church of Christ           Zanesville, OH

Sermon:           How the Bible Authorizes

11:10 AM          Marc Parker                 Boulevard Church of Christ                      Cleveland, OH

Sermon:           The Error of Letting Religious Tolerance Lead You Away from Loyalty to the Doctrine of Christ         

11:10 AM          Break Out Session:  “Christian Teens Summit”

                        *Gale Nelson               Miami Gardens Church of Christ              Miami, FL

   Subject: “Keeping It 100”

11:10 AM          Break Out Session:       Ladies Forum:

           Clarrissa Nelson          Miami Gardens Church of Christ             Miami, FL

                                                            Subject: “Finding Our Voices in the Lord”

1:30 PM           Kelvin Pugh                 Collinsville Church of Christ                  Collinsville, IL

Sermon:           The Role of Women in the Church: An Exegesis of 1 Timothy 2:11-15

2:10 PM           David Kenney              Wadsworth Church of Christ                   Wadsworth, OH

Sermon:           The Biblical View of Abortion

                        Break Out Session: “Parents Forum”

2:10 PM           *Gale Nelson              Miami Gardens Church of Christ              Miami, FL

                                                           Subject: “Review of Keeping It 100”


3:00 PM-4:30 PM                    2019 Ohio State Lectureship Open Forum

Conducted By: Richard Melson          Webster St Church of Christ                     Dayton, OH

Facilitator:       Kevin L. Berry            Kibby St Church of Christ                        Lima, OH



7:45 PM           Banquet Dinner:

Keynote Speaker- Gale Nelson          Miami Gardens Church of Christ               Miami, FL

Sermon:           Showing By The Scriptures-What A Christian Must Do to Remain Faithful to Christ

2019 Ohio State Lectureship

2019 Ohio State Lectureship Logo Revised

Sponsored by the Kibby Street Church of Christ

Held at the Howard Johnson by Windham - Lima, OH

For RESERVATIONS there please call: 


Tell them you are with a group and give them The group rate code:

2019OhioStateLectureship or 2019OSL

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LIMA, OH 45804



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