Showing By The Scriptures-A Scriptural Defense of Doctrinal Beliefs and Practices” Acts 18:28

46th Annual Ohio State Lectureship 2019


Saturday 25 May 2019

9:00 AM          Adriel Wilson               North Hill Church of Christ                    Akron, OH                  

Sermon:           The Suffering of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

9:50 AM          Phil Grear                    East High St Church of Christ                   Springfield, OH

Sermon:           The Scriptural Error of Fellowshipping with Denominational Churches

10:30 AM         Terry Townsend          New Concord Rd Church of Christ           Zanesville, OH

Sermon:           How the Bible Authorizes

11:10 AM          Marc Parker                 Boulevard Church of Christ                      Cleveland, OH

Sermon:           The Error of Letting Religious Tolerance Lead You Away from Loyalty to the Doctrine of Christ         

11:10 AM          Break Out Session:  “Christian Teens Summit”

                        *Gale Nelson               Miami Gardens Church of Christ              Miami, FL

   Subject: “Keeping It 100”

11:10 AM          Break Out Session:       Ladies Forum:

           Clarrissa Nelson          Miami Gardens Church of Christ             Miami, FL

                                                            Subject: “Finding Our Voices in the Lord”

1:30 PM           Kelvin Pugh                 Collinsville Church of Christ                  Collinsville, IL

Sermon:           The Role of Women in the Church: An Exegesis of 1 Timothy 2:11-15

2:10 PM           David Kenney              Wadsworth Church of Christ                   Wadsworth, OH

Sermon:           The Biblical View of Abortion

                        Break Out Session: “Parents Forum”

2:10 PM           *Gale Nelson              Miami Gardens Church of Christ              Miami, FL

                                                           Subject: “Review of Keeping It 100”


3:00 PM-4:30 PM                    2019 Ohio State Lectureship Open Forum

Conducted By: Richard Melson          Webster St Church of Christ                     Dayton, OH

Facilitator:       Kevin L. Berry            Kibby St Church of Christ                        Lima, OH



7:45 PM           Banquet Dinner:

Keynote Speaker- Gale Nelson          Miami Gardens Church of Christ               Miami, FL

Sermon:           Showing By The Scriptures-What A Christian Must Do to Remain Faithful to Christ