“To seek and save that which was lost” –Luke 19:10 (NKJV)

Vision Statement:

  • To welcome all visitors in the spirit of Christ to all of our services.
  • To have every member of the Kibby Street live the gospel of Christ.
  • To always preach and teach sound biblical doctrine.
  • To challenge, encourage and exhort all members to truly seek heaven as their eternal home.
  • To continue to spiritually develop men and women to be better Christians; to have greater Christian homes; and for men to better church leaders and for women have greater service to Christ in their roles as godly women. .
  • To foster and enhance our reverent worship to our Holy God.
  • To develop the mind of Christ in every Kibby Street member.
  • To always strive to seek to please God rather than man.
  • To praise our God and Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, giving them only the glory, by faithfully working together in love and unity.


“To know Christ richly, to imitate His Righteousness and to reach out with the soul-saving gospel regularly”.