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2017 Kibby Street Church of Christ Lectures

2017 Kibby Street Church of Christ Lectures

Apr 2017

2017 Kibby Street Church of Christ Lectureship

April 21-23

Theme: “Understanding the Times & Knowing What to Do”

2 Chronicles 12:32

Weekend Schedule

Kibby Street Lectureship Symposium

Friday, April 21

5:00 pm -6:45 pm

Fri April 21-Understanding the Departures & Knowing What to Do

7:00pm -    Speaker: Travis Main   

Subject: “  “Departures from Sound Biblical Hermeneutics” 

8:00pm      Speaker: Kevin L. Berry

Subject: “From Heaven or Men- Worship –Deconstructing the Usage of Praise Teams and Rhytmic Handclapping”


Sat April 22 –Understanding the Doctrines & Knowing What to Do

9:00am     Speaker: Raymond Sweet Sr

Subject:   Divorce and Remarriage

10:00am  Speaker: Chris Reno

Subject: Denominational Blending-Refutation of Open Fellowshipping with Denominations

11:00am   Speaker- Patrick Powers

Subject: Egalitarianism –Refuting the Teaching of Women Leading in Worship


1:30 pm    Speaker: Robert Solomon

Subject: “Making the Distinction Between Contending for the Faith & Contending for Traditionalism”


Sun April 23 –Understanding the Devotion & Knowing What to Do

9:30am  Speaker: Kevin L. Berry

Subject: What the New Testament Teach Is Permissible In Worship

10:30 am- Speaker: John Barcus

Subject: Parents-We Must Be Different From This Present World If We Want Our Children To Be Different In This Present World!


1:30pm - Speaker: Travis Main

Subject: ““Reaching Out to the Lost in These Contemporary Times”

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